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Letter from the president

Greetings to the Friends of the Japan Research Center!

Welcome to our new website.  In case you are not aware, Dr. Kinji Tanaka has retired and is now serving as Chairman of the Center's Board of Trustees.  We switched positions and I am now serving as president.  We all thank Dr.Tanaka for his many years of service to the Center and his service to the many organizations in the Greater Cincinnati region and in Japan.  We also want to recognize his and his wife's and family's continued service to the Center.  Tanaka has impacted so many people in the region and in Japan. He was recently recognized and honored for his work in improving understanding of Japanese culture by the Emperor of Japan with an award of the "Order of the Rising Sun," one of the highest awards to a citizen for his accomplishments. 

I hope that you will also continue to support the activities and events of the Center as you have done so in the past.  One of our upcoming events will include the celebrations of Hearn's arrival in the U.S.A.  We are planning activities in that regard, including a research project mentioned in this web site. This website, by the way, is a new addition and one of the goals this year of the Center.  Please check the website out for new program offerings and events and additions and changes throughout the year.  

Best wishes, and thank you for visiting us!

- Dr. Gary Eith 

Our mission: 

Improving cultural understanding by sharing
the life stories of special people in Greater
Cincinnati who have strengthened relations between Japan and the
United States


Our objectives:

Program offerings, tours, support services
and higher education advising


Our officers:

Dr. Gary Eith, President;
  Biography of Gary Eith  

Hidenobu Paul Tanaka, Vice President

Ms. Reiko Tanaka, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

People we have highlighted
in the past: 

Lafcadio Hearn
Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto
Edwin Dun
Kitaro Shirayamadani

Research Announcement:  Hearn's  Arrival in Cincinnati

The Lafcadio Hearn Society/USA and the Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati announce a research award in honor of the 150th anniversary of writer Patrick (Lafcadio) Hearn's arrival in the United States in New York City on September 2, 1869. Hearn worked as a journalist in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1870s and later earned international renown for his writings about Japan. It is not known exactly when he arrived in Cincinnati. Biographers usually cite his arrival as late 1869 or early 1870 without specifying a day or month. 

A $100 award and a set of Lafcadio Hearn Journals published by the Hearn Society will be given to the recipient who finds bona fide evidence of the date of Hearnís arrival in Cincinnati, Ohio, and can provide that information and any documentation in support of it. The runner-up also will receive a set of Lafcadio Hearn Journals. The submissions along with personal contact information should be sent to Steve Kemme, president of the Hearn Society at

 The email and documentation deadline is the end of day on September 26, 2018, the anniversary of Hearnís death in 1904, or postmarked by the same date and received no later than October 1, 2018. The society cannot be held responsible for the delivery and receipt of the information, but will make an attempt to contact any submitter upon receipt of the information.  

In addition to the above criteria, the recipient of the award must be willing to receive the award and recognition and to make a presentation to the society in person or by remote technology explaining the methods used in researching the date of Hearnís arrival in Cincinnati. The presentation would occur during the societyís anniversary celebrations in 2018 or 2019. The recipient also must be willing to be the subject of publicity with the society on this accomplishment.  All submitters will receive honorable mention and a special acknowledgement during the celebrations. But there will be only one $100 award. The earliest submission with verification of the correct date of Hearnís arrival in Cincinnati will be given the award. If more than one correct submission is received on the same day, the award will be split.

This research award is sponsored by the Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati and coordinated by the Lafcadio Hearn Society/USA.

JRCGC is a nonprofit 501c3 organization...and we welcome your tax deductible donations!



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