Depictions of Hearn's era in Cincinnati (For Sale)

You are invited to peruse or to shop the artwork and artist's interpretations of scenes from the late 19th century in Cincinnati.  Artists from the Cincinnati region have been invited to participate. There is no closing to the sale, so it will continue to grow with submissions from them until we have closed the sale. Henry Farny was an artist in Cincinnati when Hearn was a newspaper reporter, and they collaborated on a satire series titled, "Ye Giglampz". Henry Farny was president of the Cincinnati Art Club. You are always welcome to come back and revisit this!

The artist, title of the art work, and cost are included with each piece.  The  "proceeds" minus artists' costs go towards the funding the Hearn commemorative plaque. Shipping/mailing will be extra and will need to be discussed based on destination and class of shipping that would be preferred. Artwork will be hand-delivered at no charge in the Greater Cincinnati, Tri-state region.  Please email: Gary Eith at
Artists Only: Please contact Gary Eith if you would like to include your work/s in this show.  Details will be submitted to you. 



Marlene Steele

"I love the thrill of capturing life in paint."

Marlene Steele is a Cincinnati Art Club signature member and Vice-President


"Evening Sonata"
8" x 10" oil on canvas, unframed
Price: $300


"Museum Center: Southside Scaffolding"
12" x 9" oil on canvas, unframed
Price:  $375


"Suspension Bridge"
16" x 20" Giclee print on canvas stretchers
Price:  $225

Christine Kuhr

 "I am a professional artist who makes art to honor the reality I feel."


 "Cormorant and the Fisherman"
Medium: Oil on panel
Size: 12" x 16"
Price: $475 unframed

(depicts sculpture of the traditional fisherman, presented by Gifu City to the city, located in Twin Lakes Overlook in Eden Park)

 "Whistling Boy after F Duveneck"
Medium: Oil on panel
Size: 18" x 24" - 19.5" x 25.5" framed
Price: $975 framed

Jerry Saylor

"I enjoy the excitement on people's faces as they explore or create their own art."

Jerry Saylor is a Board member and sketch group facilitator for the Cincinnati Art Club.

"Cincinnati Bicentennial"
Tryptograph lithograph on archival, 100% rag bond paper (limited edition)
Total size 60" x 16"  
 Price:  $75.00

Please see below for more detailed views of each panel





"Evening Stroll"
Oil on 36" x 18" canvas
Price:  $400



"Water Tower"
Oil on a 2' x 3' canvas. 
This Eden Park stand-pipe is an example of late 19th century water towers in the U.S. 
Price:  $450

"Morning Stroll"
Oil on double-matted 24" x 18" craft paper
Depicts Eden Park's stand pipe
Price:  $225

Louis Cornelius
Member of the Cincinnati Art Club


Gary Eith

"I always get lost in the scene I'm painting and time becomes eternal as there's no distraction."

Gary Eith is a  Board member of the Cincinnati Art Club and president of the Japan Research Center of Greater Cincinnati


"Lafcadio, 1870's,"
Gary Eith, artist.  
Acrylics on Canvas Board, 6" x 8" unframed
Price: $40.00
The image is copied from the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
 "Farewell From The Landing,"
Gary Eith, artist.
Acrylics on Canvas Board, 6" x 8" unframed
Price: $50.00.

"Lafcadio's Wintery Crossing"
by Gary Eith, artist
Acrylics on 6" x 8" canvas board, Framed size 11" x 13"

Framed and suitable for hanging
Price: $95.00

"The Raven"
by Gary Eith
Acrylics on  8" x 10" canvas board
The quill represents Hearn and the Raven is his mascot, after his work and
admiration of Edgar Allen Poe.





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